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Any personal information you submit to us (names, email addresses etc.) will not be sold to, shared with, or otherwise divulged to anyone, anywhere, for any reason (unless we're required to do so by a court warrant.)

Our website and Android app do not collect any personally identifiable information, but do include elements from companies which may collect info. See the list below for more detail.

We do not send unsolicited commercial email (SPAM.) Ever. Period.

We provide no security features on our contact page. Any information you submit via this form is sent as plain text over the Internet.

Android App Permissions

Our Android app requires only three basic permissions:
  • Network access: The Android app requires access to the internet. It displays the website within the app. The reasons for this are twofold: One, the site relies on ruby-on-rails which runs better on the web server than it would on low end Android devices. Two, you wouldn't want an app containing 1400+ PDF files eating up storage space on your phone. The app allows you to download only the PDFs you want.

  • View Network Connections: Required by Google's mobile ad network, AdMob.

  • Photos/Media/Files - Read/Modify/Delete contents of USB storage: This allows the app to cache files on your devices's storage (built-in, SD-Card and/or USB) for faster performance. This is the same as any other internet-enabled apps on your device do, or what your web browser does on your computer. The app does not access any files or folders on your device, other than its own cache.
Compare these permissions with the permissions of other internet-connected apps on your device, and you'll find that these are very common permissions.

Privacy Policies of Services Used

The website and Android app utilize services provided by some of the internet's biggest players so that we may participate in the ecosystems of those companies. Here are links to the privacy policies of those companies: Feedback, suggestions, corrections and questions encouraged. Email me.

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