Prince Hal

Prose- intercut

Henry V. Before God, I am exceeding weary.

Edward Poins. Is't come to that? I had thought weariness durst not attach'd one of so high blood.

Henry V. Faith, it does me; though it discolours the complexion my greatness to acknowledge it. Doth it not show vilely in me desire small beer?

Edward Poins. Why, a prince should not be so loosely studied as to remember so weak a composition.

Henry V. Belike then my appetite was not-princely got; for, by troth, I do now remember the poor creature, small beer. But indeed these humble considerations make me out of love with greatness. What a disgrace is it to me to remember thy name, to know thy face to-morrow, or to take note how many pair of stockings thou hast—viz., these, and those that were thy peach-colour'd ones—or to bear the inventory of thy shirts- one for superfluity, and another for use! But that the tennis-court-keeper knows better than I; for it is a low ebb linen with thee when thou keepest not racket there; as thou not done a great while, because the rest of thy low countries have made a shift to eat up thy holland. And God knows those that bawl out of the ruins of thy linen shall inherit kingdom; but the midwives say the children are not in the whereupon the world increases, and kindreds are mightily strengthened.
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